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Hawaiian Arm Tattoos

Hawaiian arm tattoo designs, in ancient times, were a popular decoration on the arms of both Hawaiian woman and men. The Hawaiians wear their tattoos on the upper arm as an arm band or on the lower leg as a leg band. Originally, the tattoos ink was black and white, created by burning a kukui nut tree and using its soot to draw the tattoo. Later on color pigments were added.

Hawaiian arm band tattoos were considered to be sacred. In fact, Hawaiians use to keep their tattoo designs in holy temples. Each tribe had a unique god for tattoos called Aumakua. A special religious ceremony was conducted each time a Hawiaiian arm band or leg band tattoo was done. The original Hawaiian tattoo designs were based on simple basic shapes such as: squares, triangles, circles, etc.

Arm band and leg band tattoos from Hawaii migrated into the west and have become wildly popular. Although some designs have been modified, many still preserve the original designs. The newer Hawaiian tattoo designs include animals, flowers, palm trees, hula girls, dolphins, guns and hunting weapons.

Hawaiian Arm Tattoo Designs & Gallery
Hawaiian Arm Tattoo Designs and Gallery

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